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Saudi Arabia

Unlock the secrets of this ancient kingdom and prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of its cultural and natural experiences



Saudi Arabia yacht charter

From the remains of millennia-old civilizations to extraordinary landscapes and culturally rich coastal cities, Saudi Arabia will delight and astonish on every level. A welcome addition to the international yachting scene, be among the first to sail the Kingdom’s extensive coastline and set foot on its secret shores. Dive any number of untouched sites including the Farasan Islands, a Red Sea treasure chest chain of more than 170 biodiverse islets famous for mangrove forest and exotic birdlife as well as over 200 species of fish, 50 types of coral, and 3 species of dolphin. Shark divers will get their kicks off the Galawa Reef in Yanbu. Part of the Seven Sisters Reef system, this is the place to sport hammerhead and tiger sharks.

The Red Sea port city of Jeddah is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. Visible from various locations, the King Fahd Fountain jets to a jaw-dropping 312 metres, making it the tallest in the world. The city’s Al-Balad heritage district, which dates back to the seventh century offers up opportunities to sample traditional street food and foodies can sate their appetite across the city. While you’ll certainly be offered a cup or two of gahwa (coffee) during your trip, make a point to try the plump, sweet local dates; dine on kabsa, the country’s national dish of spiced rice topped with meat or fish; and quench your thirst with a glass of hibiscus flower juice or tea.

Travel even farther back in time to the Nabatean civilization in AlUla, an ancient oasis city that was once at the crossroads of the incense trading route. The surrounding desert landscape is a living history lesson with well-preserved rock-cut facades and tombs, and once the capital of a trio of ancient kingdoms. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, hike to the Edge of the World, a 300-metre-high escarpment and part of the Tuwaik range. Marvel at the wild, barren vista that extends far below in every direction.


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